How to clean old tough deep reappearing stains out of your carpet?

carpet stains cleaning tips

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Carpets are amazing, but only when they are clean. In all other cases, a housekeeper can lose her entire day in scrubbing and washing till a stubborn stain is out. Speaking of which, these types of stains – old, tough and reappearing spots – are our today`s topic. We would like to throw some light on how to act with such dirt and how to minimize expenses at home. Because calling the professional cleaners is a smart idea, but it does not cost little. And buying a new carpet is even more expensive!

Common kinds of stains your carpet might be suffering of

Leaving the ordinary and small stains aside, because they can be treated with ordinary soap water only, we will now make a list of the common tough carpet stains. These are reappearing spots that worsen the interior and make the rug look super old and plain. Here are the stains we are talking about:

  • Old organic and greasy stains. They are caused by food, but have not been treated at all. Usually, dishes cooked with oil are the worst causes.
  • Ink stains are also quite tough stains to a carpet. There are ways to remove them, but you need to act quickly!
  • Makeup stains are not easy at all, either. Prepare for repeating a cleaning procedure over and over again till you get rid of it!

How to remove the worst carpet stains on a carpet?

You will need a decent and 100% working solution. There are several of them, but we will name only those that have been tested and showed good results in the end. See some of them right away:

  • There is one magical mixture that can cope with almost all tough carpet stains. You can prepare it by mixing white vinegar, lemon juice, laundry detergent and essential oils to soften it. Always use it from a spray bottle and test it on the back side of the carpet before applying it on the surface.
  • Bleach helps you out with all types of reappearing and old stains. However – you can use it only with white materials. So if you have a white Persian carpet, bleach is your remedy!
  • Also, use borax for tough stains, but never mix it with any other similar cleaning agent – no baking soda, bleach or alcohol! If you make such an improvised combination, you might ruin your carpet at once!

Instructions what to do with harsh carpet stains

No matter how hard reappearing and old stains could be, eventually they might be out with our tips and remedies. Keep in mind that vacuuming before and after the procedure will help you out with the washing and disinfection. Don`t give up and rub the stain till it disappears!

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